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In the world of evangelicalism, we would consider evangelism would be our highest priority,¬† bringing people to know God, to know Christ. And one of the things I’ve realised, even being an evangelical pastor myself, is that so many things that we do and we say actually pushes people away from God when it comes to this issue of creation.


looking to creation as a means of understanding God

I’ve heard people say they love the creation more than the creator, or they call environmentalists tree-huggers, saying things that are hurtful to people who are actually looking to creation as a means of understanding God.

This is the most powerful point of evangelism I know, to bring people to know and realise that God does exist. This world is not an accident, and if it’s not an accident, they’re not an accident. They’re are no accidents with God. It’s all a miracle, and it’s all God, and we need to embrace this issue if we’re going to be effective as evangelical pastors.